Young Voter

2/21 Election

WHERE do I vote? Find your polling place here.

HOW do I vote? Bring a photo ID to your polling place between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on 2/21. Your employer is legally required to allow you a three hour period to vote on Election Day.

WHAT is on the ballot?

(hint: blue = incumbent candidate)

Mayor of Milwaukee

What does the mayor actually do? Carries out the city council’s directives and implements policies.

1) Tom Barrett 2) Ieshuh Griffin 3) Edward McDonald

City Treasurer

What does a city treasurer actually do? Utilizes and maintains a cash book that breaks down of all receipts, disbursements, and cash balances.

1) Dawn Marie Sass 2) Spencer Coggs 3) Rick Kissell 4) Tim Carpenter


What’s does an alderman do? Hires chief appointed official (city manager), represents municipality, determines goals and priorities, develops/approves policies, raises/spends money, plans/provides services and programs

Alderman, District #8

1) Bob Donovan 2) Benjamin Juarez 3) Jennifer Morales 4) Chez Ordonez

Alderman, District #12

1) James N. Witkowiak 2) Jose G. Perez 3) Angel Sanchez

Circuit Court Judges

What do circuit court judges actually do? The Wisconsin circuit courts are the state’s trial courts. Currently, there are 249 circuit court judges in Wisconsin. The circuit courts are divided into branches with at least one branch in every county, with the exception of six counties that are paired off and share judges. Of the remaining circuits, 26 have a single judge and the largest circuit is Milwaukee County with 47 judges.

1) Nelson W. Phillips III 2) Christopher Lipscomb Sr.  3) Carolina Maria Stark

County Board Supervisors

What does a county board supervisor actually do? Each supervisor represents about 50,000 people. One of the major responsibilities of the Board is to adopt the annual county budget. By October 1 of each year, the County Executive presents his recommended budget to the Board.

County Board Supervisors, District #5

  • Roy Evans
  • Muhammed Mahdi
  • Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones
  • Peter Thomas Blewett
  • Russell W. Stamper
  • Chevy Johnson
  • Michael Brox

County Board Supervisors, District #9

  • Kenneth A. Gehl
  • Steve F. Taylor
  • Donald G. Schwartz

County Board Supervisors, District #15

  • Jerry Broitzman
  • Dan Cody
  • Jill Wesolowski
  • David Cullen

County Board Supervisors, District #18

  • Tracy Corder
  • A.T. Buford
  • Deanna Alexander