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YoungVoterLive: #HiTekTalk on Social Justice & Politics in Ohio

Prolific hip-hop artist, Hi-Tek will be joining us at Elementz Hip-Hop in Cincinnati for an hour of #realtalk on the upcoming election in Ohio.

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Young people are taking to the streets as we face rampant unemployment and unprecedented attacks on our right to vote. Ohio sets the stage for political movements nationwide - and this is no exception. The past 11 presidential election outcomes have been decided by the state of Ohio. Make no mistake about it - #2012StartsNow.

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In Ohio, legislators spent the past spring sneaking in deceptive legislation during off-year elections when they thought that we wouldn’t be paying attention. Last spring, Gov. Kasich’s administration passed SB-5, decimating Ohio workers’ rights. The controversial law could lead to massive layoffs of teachers, firefighters and law enforcement in the state. Frustrated opponents went to the streets to bring the issue onto the ballot as Issue 2 and have the public weigh in on it.