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Introducing #YouthTruth: A Campaign To Dispel Myths About Young Voters in the Election

Last week, LYVEF’s friends at the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) launched YouthTruth, a new campaign initiative focused on dispelling myths about young voters and shattering stereotypes of a potentially decisive voting bloc this November.

With the release of the findings of a 1,695-person, nationwide poll of young Americans commissioned by the Youth Engagement Fund (YEF) CIRCLE kicked off YouthTruth – a election-focused, public awareness campaign that is set to offer up-to-date research & analysis, promote dialogue, and fact-check information in the public domain regarding young people 29 and under. Joining CIRCLE’s director, Peter Levine, for the release of the poll’s findings last week were Alexandra Acker-Lyons, Director of the YEF, and our own Biko Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters.

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The nationwide poll, commissioned by the Youth Engagement Fund and conducted between June 22 and July 2, by Knowledge Networks, surveyed 1,695 U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 29. African-Americans, Latinos, and individuals who have never attended college were all oversampled. The survey, conducted online in both English and Spanish, looked at young Americans’ views on the  election, including their choice of presidential candidate on a range of factors, as well as issues influencing their votes and engagement this election cycle.

“Young voters are too often viewed as a homogenous group,” said CIRCLE’s Director, Peter Levine. “The goal of the YouthTruth initiative — launched today with the release of a comprehensive, nationwide poll of young Americans — is to dispel the mythology around this group of 46 million Americans who in reality are very diverse and, given their economic futures, have more at stake in than any older group.”

Alexandra Acker-Lyons, Director of YEF, expressed her enthusiasm about the YEF poll. “We’re excited to share more in-depth knowledge about the Millennial generation and dispel many persistent myths about the youth vote. Clearly, young people are concerned about many key issues and are paying attention to this important election.”

Biko Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters shared, “This important poll gives us some much-needed information about how a large portion of the electorate perceives this election cycle. Any organization, funder, candidate, or activist concerned about the future should check out this report. Young voters are far too sophisticated and diverse to ignore.”

A background document accompanying this press release provides details and analysis regarding key findings of this representative, nationwide survey of over 1,600 young US citizens. The survey questions range from young Americans’ presidential choice and the defining issues for their generation this election cycle, to how well they understand the new voter I.D. laws. For a complete look at the poll’s toplines and analysis provided by CIRCLE’s team of youth experts.

Utilizing youth voter-focused research and analysis, YouthTruth will disseminate election-related data from CIRCLE and will allow the public and media to bring misinformation to CIRCLE’s attention by using the Twitter hashtag #YouthTruth. In turn, CIRCLE’s leading team of experts will help monitor media coverage of 18- to 29-year-old voters and disseminate accurate data with exclusive analysis.

Through the YouthTruth campaign, CIRCLE will continue to release exclusive publications and studies, provide analysis of new laws that may affect turnout this November, and facilitate discussions with other organizations on the frontlines of youth voter engagement and civic empowerment.

“We launched YouthTruth with the release of this year’s most comprehensive, in-depth national poll taking a look at the attitudes and opinions of young voters 29 and under,” concluded Levine. “Today’s poll release is just the first in what we hope will be many more important, valuable insights into this important voting bloc.”