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Register Online with TurboVote

51 million eligible voters are not registered - but they’re online. Get our TurboVote widget for your website!

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Why are so many people unregistered?

  • 25% of young, low-income or people of color move between every election and need to update their registration.
  • 21% 18-29 year olds miss the voter registration deadline
  • 23% of young people already chose to vote absentee.


How does TurboVote fix it?

  • You can update your voter registration online at your convenience.
  • We’ll send you text reminders to make sure you turn your paperwork in on time.
  • We’ll send you your absentee ballot in the mail before the election, with a pre-stamped envelope: just vote from home and mail it back.


How TurboVote works:

YOU register to vote and sign up to vote from home online. WE handle the rest.

  • We’ll mail your forms to you
  • We’ll send you a pre-stamped, addressed envelope with instructions
  • We’ll remind you when the deadline to mail your forms in is in your state.


How will using the TurboVote widget benefit my site?

  • FREE service brought to you by a non-partisan, non-profit political organization.
  • Increased avg. time spent on your site.
  • Will complement related political content.
  • Draw a new audience to your site for providing service + entertainment.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Online registration has never existed on a national level before.
  • Last, but certainly not least ~ Good karma!

Let’s be real - voting should be as easy as renting a movie on Netflix.