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YoungVoterLive: #HiTekTalk on Social Justice & Politics in Ohio

Prolific hip-hop artist, Hi-Tek will be joining us at Elementz Hip-Hop in Cincinnati for an hour of #realtalk on the upcoming election in Ohio.

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Young people are taking to the streets as we face rampant unemployment and unprecedented attacks on our right to vote. Ohio sets the stage for political movements nationwide - and this is no exception. The past 11 presidential election outcomes have been decided by the state of Ohio. Make no mistake about it - #2012StartsNow.

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Thanks for Pledging to Vote in Ohio!

By honoring your pledge, you will be exercising your right to contribute to the decision-making process and influence the outcome. We would like to be a resource so that you can be an informed voter.

The Voter Registration Deadline is October 11th. If you are not registered to vote at your current address, we are here to help - just respond to this e-mail and we’ll let you know where you can get registered.

We want to go even deeper than just registering to vote. We will use our presence at the polls to create leverage that we can use to access economic resources.People power = economic resources.By reaching people, we can build a power base among young people, and have the voice to influence decisions that may otherwise be made for us. But it all starts with you!

Come join me as we reach out and continue to grow our mission. We are connecting young people who are not satisfied with the direction of government, and are ready to own our obligation to shape our own future.

Ready to get involved? Just e-mail me to volunteer and get young people registered before the deadline.

Our neighborhoods will be ignored if we don’t hold our leaders accountable. But first, we have to hold each other accountable. Before we can do that, we must hold ourselves accountable to show up and make our voice heard.

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P.S. Absentee voting starts today and ends November 5th.

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Ohio League Fights Voter ID Laws Got ID

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This week, Ohio’s State Senate is set to pass HB-159, which would require every voter to present a specific photo ID before they vote. The problem is that 900,000 Ohio voters don’t have the right ID.

Ohio’s Secretary of State, Jon Husted, has come out in opposition of the bill. It’s up to us to stop our Senators from passing this irresponsible legislation.

Speak up to stop HB-159 today!