Young Voter


LYVEF works where we live: communities most often defined and identified as low-income communities and communities of color. In our communities we find dynamic young people, and train and empower them with on the ground leadership skills which allow them to become civically engaged young folk who are excited about voter engagement!

The League’s multifaceted approach to grassroots organizing is a unique attribute to our organization. Through cultural organizing and social media outreach, we are able to reach young people online and on the streets. During election cycles, we run targeted data-driven voter contact and turnout programs. The rest of the year, we organize our constituents around issues that make sense to young people. By focusing on relevant local issues like juvenile justice, green jobs and electoral access, we are engaging and mobilizing new and drop-off voters who would otherwise not be active in off-election years.

Building on the lessons we learned, enters the election positioned to mobilize our core constituencies (young people of color, non-college youth and low-income youth) like never before in our history. Our field program will consist of aggressive voter registration and get out the vote efforts in cities across the country. In light of the stringent Voter ID requirements passed in many states, the League has built campaigns to get young people the IDs that they will need in order to vote.  Our dedicated staff and volunteers are energized and ready to inspire young leaders heading in to the election and long after.