Young Voter

The Great Debate: Obama vs. Romney #Ignite2012

One of the most anticipated days in broadcast history has finally arrived and it will be aired on YoungVoterLive tomorrow.

For the very FIRST TIME: President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will go head-to-head about what they think is best for our country and why they are the best choice for the  commander and chief  role. To raise awareness  about this national debate, The League of Young Voters Education Fund has announced a special #Ignite2012 tour stop in NYC. Millennials are being encouraged to watch this debate and contribute to the #Ignite2012 conversation with provocative changemakers, BET host Rocsi Diaz, legendary DJ Jay Smooth, hip-hop historian Davey D, social media scholar Dr. Goddess, and many more.

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, October 3,, 8 p.m.-11:30 p.m. ET for #Ignite2012: Debate Edition

During the first presidential debate, Americans can expect to hear about failed economic policies, healthcare disparities, wavering unemployment rates and general strategies to combat America’s current state of oppression. But Rocsi wants to know: “What else would you like the candidates to address?”

Send her and any of the panelists your questions, thoughts and concerns to before and during the livestream using the hashtag #Ignite2012.