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The Ballot: Marijuana

Marihuana jointElection Day is quickly approaching and while there are many big issues up for a vote in these important mid-term elections, one of the most talked about is marijuana. Washington state and Colorado are the only two states in the U.S. to fully legalize marijuana but other states have either approved it for medical purposes, decriminalized it, or both. Supporters of the legalization of marijuana hope America will one day become like Uruguay, the first country in the world to fully legalize it back in, but until then… it is still a state-by-state issue. Which parts of America have marijuana on the ballot this year?  Click below to find out!


Alaska: The Last Frontier State has a measure on full legalization on this year’s ballot. The measure, called Issue 2, would let anyone 21 & over to possess up to an ounce of weed and keep six plants. The measure would tax weed sales at $50 per ounce and production and sales would be legalized and regulated by a board.


Florida: While people in the Sunshine State may not have full legalization as an option, this year the state will vote on medical marijuana usage. Florida’s Issue 2 would legalize marijuana to treat “debilitating medical condition” (Cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, hepatitis C, HIV/Aids, etc) or any conditions where a physician believes the medical use of marijuana would outweigh the potential health risks.  If it passes, the Florida Department of Health will set up regulations for medical marijuana cards and treatment centers.


Oregon: Folks in the Beaver State are voting on full legalization this November. Oregon’s initiative will let anyone 21 & over to possess up to 8 ounces of weed and four plants. The measure would tax weed sales at 35$ per ounce and production and sales would be legalized and regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Oregon tried to pass a legalization measure in but that measured failed. This measure however has more support, including support from the Drug Policy Alliance.


Washington D.C: Not a state, but the nation’s capital is still important. D.C.’s Initiative 71 will let anyone 21 & over 21 to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, keep six plants, and also give marijuana as a gift to other adults 21 & over. This initiative wouldn’t legalize sales because voters in D.C can’t deal with that issue.  D.C. recently decriminalized marijuana and that went into effect this past July, but supporters of legalization say it is not good enough. Many cities are also taking the lead by attempting to decriminalize marijuana.  For example, the city of Philadelphia is close to passing a measure that would have people stopped with less than 30 grams of marijuana, about one ounce, fined just $25. Also people caught using it in public will be fined $100 or be required to perform up to nine hours of community service.


*It is again important to note that these would only affect state law. Federal law prohibits marijuana but federal restrictions are also currently under review.

23 Responses to “The Ballot: Marijuana”

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  3. Jim Smith says:

    If I could vote for this, it would be for the total legalization of pot in every state in the USA. I think it would improve the US economy greatly.

  4. Carolyn says:

    ya’ll voters that are voting for the mariuna to be passed . ya’ll can kiss my ass ! Ya’ll people do not care about the safety of our children. I hope that ya’ll smoke sooo much mariuana that it kills ya’ll ! Oregon isn’t the same with ya’ll druggies and ya’ll alchaholics.

    • Gordon says:

      Hey Carolyn, news flash, you can’t OD on weed. It would be a lot safer if a minor gets a hold of some weed rather than alcohol. I say legalize it. It’s not harmful like cigarettes. People can still function high, unlike a drunk person who gets behind the wheel.

  5. conan thomas says:

    I do not do drugs, and I don’t condone those who smoke marijuana. I believe police resources are wasted on arresting and controlling marijuana which is more innocolent than cigarettes and alcohol combined. I mean when was the last time you heard someone killing someone on the highway while stoned? Secondly, it would give our economy a dramatic boost that it desperately needs. Lastly, it could save lives for those who truly need it. So yes legalize it across the board

  6. Scott La Mar says:

    Since marijuana was determined illegal based on a lie, I support to “decriminalize”, make marijuana legal and tobacco illegal and give the power back to the people to vote on its’ legalization from a recreational point of view. I also support the revitalization of hemp production; natures strongest and most versatile soft fibre product available.

  7. nick bartlett says:

    marijuana should be ligalized for Tennessee and crime rat would go down so much. All this talk about taxing. Just tax it like every thing else

  8. byron grady says:

    I want marijuana legalized in the state of Mississippi, it can’t be no worse than pain pills that I have to take it doesn’t do as much harm as lortabs or anything of any type of medication to doctors prescribe

  9. dakota says:

    Guns are the real problem teen gun violence is far worst i dont remember hearing about someone overdosing on marijuana oh yeah because you cant so there for it should be legalized and guns should be outlawed

    • Gordon says:

      Outlaw guns? Why? Even if guns are banned the bad guys will still get their hands on them. For every bad that has a gun, there should be 10 good guys with a gun.

  10. J. Maz says:

    When we are allowed to vote, I will vote for legalization of Marijuana. Simply because in the right doses, it can help many people function normally throughout the day. With the continuance of illegal pot use, there is more over using of Marijuana. I suffer with extreme anxiety and depression and the only time I’ve ever felt normal is on mild prescribed medication or when I was a teen “abusing” an illegal “drug” that only affected me in a positive way. I believe that in the right dosage, that I and many other people that suffer daily with anxiety and depression, can actually feel normal in their day to day lives. It is a tough road to run when your heart is constantly flying at 3000 mph. When given a mild sedative, I am at risk of addiction, abuse, and.finally death. However, with the legalization of Marijuana, there would not be any negative effects.

  11. leeann says:

    Iam a resident in the state of ky and I vote for medical marijuana to ne legalized…my Reason for my vote is of the following…..1)…i have degenerative disc disorder and ruptured and bulging disc as well and throughout my illness it has been a Profound result in decrease pain..2)…Due to my the past I was Prescribed narcotics to subdue my pain and over a period of time I became addicted,as a result of my addiction,medical marijuana has helped me from my cravings and with draws in the long run…Therefore,,,I vote YES to pass Medical marijuana for the state of KY..

  12. michael tyson says:

    I would like to grow a cannibus plant to full growth, supervised ofcorse!

  13. jimmie says:

    tell me where the petion is so I can sign it

  14. Danny Stutsman says:

    Legalize recreational use it can be no worse than alcohol or cigarettes and the stupid commercial of the stoner running the kid over is bull because when I smoke and drive my driving senses hightin become more paranoid and aware but there are f*** nutz out there we’re all different so there should be a smoker safety course that covers all grounds driving, smoker etiquette, all the does and don’t like all the real smokers know like mainly don’t f***in blow smoke in your kid’s face or around them f**k!!!

  15. john hovie says:

    no just another problem for young people when we lose control isn’t alcohol enough to worry about? think about it

  16. ma take a says:

    Marijuana should be legalized because I think it would personally low the crime rates and it helps people out just like ciggerettes they help with stress so does Marijuana but Marijuana isn’t as addicting than ciggerettes are. There are more deaths from ciggerettes and alcohol than from Marijuana. !!

  17. Christopher Hollins says:

    I think Marijuana should be legalized for any sedated mind and strength of the ability to help cure any unproven medical condition for the U.S. economy and the support of 4/20. For legalization to the world if free enhancements.

  18. Darrell says:

    I think legalization of Marijuana will help the economy and help cut costs on the penitentiary there should not be one person in a penitentiary for Marijuana

  19. Estevan Delgado says:

    I also think legalizing marijuna will boost up our economy just put an age limit of 18 or older unless you need it medically

  20. Jimmy says:

    I think it should be legalized because its helped with so many ppl who have cancer, including children. Look it up. If u compare marijuana to alcohol ur a jackass. Look at the death rate on alcohol compared to marijuana. Lol. Secondly when ur children get older there gonna smoke it regardless of what u try to do specially if u rub it in their faces not to. Marijuana is not bad for u, its not a lethal drug compared to what u really should worry bout what kids could get a hold of meth, coke, or heroin. Js

  21. John J. Hampton says:

    The main reason marijuana was criminalized in the first place, is because it threatened the lumber and paper industries. Some of the secondary reasons are that marijuana is easy to recognize, the smell created when marijuana is burned is unmistakable and is hard to cover up. It is easy to detect even before it is burned, dogs are easily trained to “sniff out” marijuana witch makes it easier to convict marijuana users. It has been clinically proven to do less harm to the human body than alcohol. Adults should be able to make the decision to use marijuana without fear of prosecution, legalize marijuana yesterday! I am 35