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Snoop Dogg, Ron Conway & Dr. Biko Baker join forces again

Gun Violence is an epidemic, with 20 children admitted to hospitals every day with gunshot wounds. Unload Your 401k has made it their goal to educate the 50 million Americans with 401ks that their money is likely helping to support the gun industry and the NRA, and then to encourage people to remove their money from investments that support the gun industry.

To help put an end to that, entertainment icon Snoop Dogg, Seattle Seahawk Bobby Wagner and tech leader Ron Conway are among those that have joined Unload Your 401k’s #ImUnloading divestment movement – and they hope you and your clients who feel passionate about the issue will socialize the PSA and ultimately, consider the pledge.

Please find the link to the PSA here to post and socialize with the hashtag #ImUnloading, a pledge to the movement. The campaign received national press from over 150 media outlets.

If you personally plan to divest, it’s as easy as asking your HR to invest in socially responsible investment plans.

Join us in spreading the message!