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Election Day is November 4th: what’s on your ballot?

NOV42The November 4th mid-term elections are less than a week away. These mid-term elections are extremely important. Control of the Senate is up for grabs, with 34 states choosing new senators. Voters in 36 states will choose new governors. And voters in states across the country will vote on various ballot measures that include topics such as: marijuana legalization, minimum wage increase, guns, and abortion rights.

Many voters, however, will walk into their polling place without information about the range of local issues and propositions that they can affect. When voting, it’s important to be as informed as you can be when you go to cast your ballot.

That’s where November4th comes in.

November4th is a one-stop shop for voters to help you find your polling place and preview your ballot before election day. All you have to do is look up your address and go to the polls informed!