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Same-Day Voter Registration Will Be on April’s Ballot

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Today, Milwaukee’s Legislative Table made a decision to leave it up to the voters to decide whether or not same-day registration is important and needed in our election process.

Sixth Aldermanic District Representative Milele A. Coggs proposed a referendum for the spring general election ballots in Milwaukee. Milele was joined by 50 to 75 elders, students, organizers, colleagues and public figures who believe taking away same-day registration will brutally damage and confuse the entire voting process in Wisconsin.

This will affect thousands of transient voters, people who are homeless, college students, and busy voters.
Did you know that the wards with the highest turnout were ones with a high number of college students?! And they voted using…..Djembe roll please…..SAME DAY REGISTRATION!

What is a Referendum you ask? Basically, a referendum is when a issue or question is placed on a voting ballot during an election for eligible registered voters to voice their opinion via the VOTING process!
So, now that we have this new information what do we do about it?
It’s simple!!!! Make sure you are registered to vote and Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!!!

-Ken Da Perfectionist