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Green Economy: People and the Planet

CAV - Green Economy  People and the PlanetA Green Economy is how we began to intellectually take care of our planet and the people at the same time.  We can produce mass opportunity in  job and business creation as well as free ourselves from our addiction to fossil fuels.

To really understand this is to simply transform what is, into what is possible.  Therefore, this is technical issue and not a political issue.

In order for this idea to materialize, there must be huge investments in infrastructure and environmental projects along with mobilization of all people through information.  Information is the only way we can move from profit and self interest toward creativity, unity and progress.

Our communities need to emerge in these turbulent times.  “Going Green” is the answer to our problems.

How do we make Green Real? Learn as much as you can about renewable energy, urban agriculture, recycling, climate change, environmental justice and beyond. Join the Movement today!

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