Young Voter

6th Annual Put the Guns Down Rally - Sunday, September 5th

In a summer that has been marked by senseless youth violence, the Campaign Against Violence is hosting its sixth annual Put the Guns Down Rally to encourage youth and young adults to live less violent lives. This special event will take place at Washington Park areas 9 and 10 on Sunday, September 5th from 10:30AM - 6PM and feature free food, school supplies, games, music and a neighborhood march.

Along with the regularly scheduled events, this year the Campaign Against Violence will be showcasing local artist and talent. Acts include Blizz McFly, Prophetic, Cincere, Pizzle, The Cranberry Show, Kimberlee Laske, Adi of Growing Nation, Jazzie, Mech & Drez, Gerald Walker, P-Rock, Lah Kid, Armagideon, FloMasta Squad, and Dukalion.

“We believe that there are so many positive people in this city,” said the Campaign Against Violence’s State Director Jayme Montgomery. “We want to celebrate all the great youth and young adults that live in our community.”