Young Voter


San Francisco, CA - The volunteer-led LYVEF San Francisco group is a powerful force in the local youth civic engagement arena, and has become a household name in the Bay Area.  LYVEF California has a steering committee of 10 people and volunteer base of 50, who run all the nonpartisan voter engagement and education activities, including our partnership with the City of San Francisco to implement permanent youth voter registration drives within high schools.

In, LYVEF California focused on leadership development, green jobs, college access, affordable housing and proposition 13, a law that caps property taxes to 1% of a home’s assessed value, significantly limiting the amount of revenue the state of California can collect from property owners.

In LYVEF California will work to turn out young voters building the group’s leadership and capacity for mid-term elections through experiential learning opportunities, including efforts to increase census participation.  LYVEF CA will conduct an issue campaign as well as an integrated voter engagement program to mobilize voters in the upcoming city elections.  Our major goals in California are to turn out young voters and build the group’s leadership and capacity for mid term elections through experiential learning opportunities.