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Political Quick Hits: April 25th Edition

Political Quick Hits

Here’s your weekly quick look at few developing stories in the political arena:

  • The Obama administration announced late last week that they would extend the comment period on the State Department’s controversial Keystone XL pipeline report. The reason for the extension is that there is a Nebraska Supreme Court case that could, when resolved, confirm or change the pipeline route. The state department’s report was to be finalized after a 90-day comment period ending in early May. Rachel Wolf, a spokesperson for a group opposing the pipeline said, “Every day without Keystone XL is a day that we keep high-carbon tar sands in the ground.” Protesters against the controversial oil pipeline, which would run from Canada to the gulf coast, say it will hurt the environment, while supporters say it will create jobs.

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Teach the Babies

President Obama believes in quality early education as a solution to decreasing high school dropout rates.

President Obama traveled to the College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center in Decatur, Ga.,  to campaign on behalf of his education proposal. (Photo Courtesy of MSNBC)

by LaShunda Campbell

The United States has one of the highest dropout rates in the world. President Obama is taking great strides towards addressing our nation’s responsibility in preparing young people for lifelong learning. But a lack of teachers, as well as systematic societal barriers, is leaving young women and men of color behind. We need to address this as a community.

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