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Cleaning ATL for Earth Day


by Oscar Cain

The League of Young Voters partnered up with the Pittsburgh Community Association, Inc., and a host of volunteers to clean up the Pittsburgh community in downtown Atlanta.  Both organizations are invested in the community and maintaining its beauty. In addition to picking up trash we planted fresh tomatoes and other vegetables in the Welch St. garden to harvest soon.

It was an exciting opportunity to clean up our community and also celebrate Earth Day.  By picking up trash we were able to show Mother Nature that we appreciated Her. It’s important that we keep the environment pollution-free because clean air equals healthier children. #EarthDay2013

Words From A Real OG: I Can’t Breathe The Air

574895_4924835674326_1129977915_nDJ Cavem (aka The O.G. - The Organic Gardner) is really changing the game by using his environmentally-conscious music as a platform to push the green movement. He emphasizes a simple message: if you want to be down with your hood, you should keep it beautiful too.

The O.G. has a upcoming record called, “Eco Twerk,” that is a genuine masterpiece! He gave us a sneak peek during his #EarthDayLive Interview.

#EarthDayLive: Tune in today at 3pm EST


Today is Earth Day! And we have some entertaining music and riveting discussions planned on 3 pm EST for #EarthDayLive.

Let’s get people interested in the green jobs movement and saving our planet! We are working hard to create opportunities and educate our communities. Let’s stand as one powerful voice today.

[SUBMIT YOUR ART] Tell Your Story About Gun Violence

PTGD Have you or someone you know been impacted by gun violence? We’re collecting powerful stories for a series we are producing on the effect of gun violence on young people.

Get creative - share your videos, photos, or writing and we’ll feature as many as we can in our upcoming #NoGunsAllowed webisode series.

Submit your art here.