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Shining the Spotlight on Our Accomplishments

This year was a transformative and remarkable year for the League of Young Voters. We ambitiously hit the streets knocking on more than 175,000 doors across the country to show that we were paying attention. We picked up the phone and called more than 23,000 young voters to ignite a conversation. Our youth leaders begin working at the crack of dawn and  continued into the weary hours of the night trying to educate young people about the implications of not voting.

We fought with tenacity and left mainstream media outlets in utter shock as the young voters turned out in record numbers for the election. We made our voices heard loud and clear.


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From Texas to Maine, the battles we fought, we won. We left a clear message that equality, respect, and voting rights were not a liberty that we would just hand over politely. There were many things that were accomplished  by our organizer across the country. We would like to share a glimpse of what it means to do grassroots cultural organizing in low-income communities as a League organizer.

Take a look at our Spotlight Yearbook.

In, we plan to on criminal justice issues, election modernization, and voter suppression. Support our cause today at YoungVoter

Jumping the Fiscal Cliff

Everyone has been talking about this “Fiscal Cliff”. Since it was confusing to us, we broke it down for you, so it’s easier to understand what the Fiscal Cliff is, how it will impact you and how it will impact the state of Wisconsin.

Remember when people in the community were talking about the economic crisis? The “Fiscal Cliff” was part of a solution that Congress devised to deal with this “economic crisis”. They basically just put everything off, and said if Congress can’t agree on a solution by the end of, they’ll cut over $1 trillion across the board.

“Fiscal Cliff” sounds like we are headed toward a natural disaster with no brakes, but the “cliff” is actually a man-made disaster.

And there’s still time to stop from going over the edge.

The TX League of Young Voters Visit the White House

The Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund State Directors Christina Sanders and Blake Green traveled to the nation’s capital this week to attend a meeting at the White House to discuss the fiscal cliff issue.  The dynamic duo are passionate about politics and more than qualified to speak on behalf of young voters everywhere.

This year alone, Christina and Blake pounded the ground mobilizing hundred of students to fight both voter suppression and strict voter ID laws in Texas.  As a result of their GOTV efforts, they were able to collect more than 6,250 voter registrations and 5,880 pledge cards. Additionally, Christina and Blake played a significant role in contributing to break a national record for early voter turnout in the Harris County precincts.

[ACT] Learn more about YOUR Community: Maine 101

Do you wish you knew what happens to your recycling after it’s picked up, how your local government operates, or how you can turn a spark of interest into real change in your community?

Then join Maine 101, our 10 week leadership training program:

Portland 101 will happen every Wednesday, starting Feb. 6th and continuing through April 10th.

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