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Political Quick Hits: October 26th Edition

Here’s your weekly quick look at few developing stories in the political arena:

  • The final presidential debate between President Obama and Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, was held on Monday in Florida. The debate’s main topic was foreign policy. [WATCH] the full video here

Top 5 Reasons People Under 40 Should Vote

By Ife Olatunji

No matter what side of the aisle your on, these issues affect us more than we may think.

  1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. The question continues to be asked, has your economic situation improved? Have you found a job? For people just entering the job market, the stakes are high. Most entry-level positions are based on minimum wage rates which very from state to state. Higher paying jobs, may no longer come with the security our parents once had in insurance, and social security, and additional job planning will be necessary. Your vote could decide if we have a return to menial factory jobs from the 20th century, or if we will create new industries and support independent entrepreneurs in new markets.
  1. National Health. What good is a job, if you can’t see a doctor when you need to? Nationalized health care has been a huge issue since, and the implications of this are real. People under 26 remained covered under their parents. People with pre-conditions can still receive coverage, waste and fraud have been reduced, and people who need medical attention can not simply be fired from their jobs. The thing about health care, is we all need it, we just might not know when. While you may not agree with every aspect of national health care, your vote could determine if some of our countries most vulnerable citizens are denied medical care, simply because they can’t afford them.

[LIVE] Final Debate: Election Roundtable

Just when you thought it was over… The League of Young Voters brings you another #IgniteDebate livestream. Tune in now as we broadcast live from San Francisco for the Election Roundtable hosted by Davey D.

Here’s the livestream line up:

Biko Baker, League of Young Voters Executive Director, Adam Mansbach,  Author/ Writer for Sam Jackson Wake the F Up Video, Aimee Allison, Political activist/ Author, Jane Kim, SF Supervisor, Eli Fantauzzi, Documentary film maker/Political activist,Cheri Honkala  Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate, Josh Healy Youth Speaks activist, Kahil Jacobs Fantuazzi, Berkeley mayoral candidate/Political activist and Pablo Paredes-activist Surez 67. Following the Presidential Debate, the Election Roundtable panelists will respond with their provactive thoughts and key conclusions.

Watch the Livestream: