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[WATCH] Summer of Peace Recap

Every summer, Milwaukee residents are able to come together and enjoy each others’ presence in the company of great music and food. Community-based organizations are encouraged to solicit and network with each other, hoping to maintain some sort of alliance throughout the year.

This year, the event took place at the Washington Park Bandshell, a site that was neglected for quite some time but has been brought back to life in the last couple of years. Despite the rain that made its presence felt a few times, everyone appeared to be in good spirits and all the negativity that always seem to show up at events such as Jam 4 Peace (another big event in Milwaukee), stayed on the outside


From Jails to Jobs

By Carey Jenkins

Tomorrow, has been invited by Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis to attend an interactive summit and discussion: Re-entering Through Employment: A Comprehensive Approach to Reintegrating the Formerly Incarcerated at the U.S. Department of Labor.

The summit will focus on successful state/local approaches to re-entry, challenges to re-entry for special populations, and model programs from the business community. In addition, other federal agencies, including HUD, HHS, SBA, and EEOC, will host working sessions and Secretary Hilda L. Solis will offer a keynote address.

I will keep you all informed later on in the week on what were some of the key outcomes and takeaways from the discussion.

Appointed Exec Director of the Milwaukee Election Commission Holds Meeting Before Confirmation

By: Rosalynn Wolfe

Getting off to a good start, Appointee for Director of the Milw Election Commission, Neil Albrecht, sat down with several organizations including the WI League of Young Voters, Citizen Action, the League of Women Voters, the WI Advocate for Advancement Project, among others to discuss changes these organizations think need to be made to ensure a smooth primary and general election in the city. Jayme Montgomery, state director for the WI League of Young Voters, called the meeting with the help of Ald Mi’lele Coggs prior to Neil being confirmed by the common council to be sure issues concerning the last election and solutions to those issues were on the top of Neil’s to do list once in office. Neil was confirmed on July 24,. Read more…

[WATCH] Total Recall Live Teaser w/ Shakes & Aliesa

Are you ready for another installment of Total Recall Live? The news hasn’t had this much swag in a while. Stay tuned!