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Tacos & Votes: Increasing the Latino Vote

The Texas League joined a coalition of Latino organizations and civic leaders to organize ‘Tacos and Votes‘, a free community gathering and march to the ballot held on May 19th. Before the start of the event, a neighborhood canvass was conducted to encourage voters in the nearby area to get out and vote.  The Texas League provided training and voter targeting lists for the canvassers. The organizers of the event was motivated by concerns over low turnout, the Voter ID/voter suppression controversy, and lack of community access to information. Tacos and Votes served as an opportunity to educate Latino voters about the democratic process and how to make their voices heard at the polls. View event pictures.

[Interactive Map] Voter Suppression Nationwide

If you have been following politics, than you know that Wisconsin is a major battleground this year. Well, Wisconsin isn’t the only state where voters are being challenged to get to the polls. Suppression tactics can be seen across the nation in places like Indiana, Kansas, and Georgia just to name a few. Recently the Fair Elections Legal Network and Campus Progress, have unveiled their interactive voter suppression map. This map shows us where voters rights are being challenged.

What does this mean for us, you ask?

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Stand Up for Milwaukee

The Wisconsin League is in the middle of the largest field experiment in the African American community, ever - and we need your help. The work we do now will set the foundation for years to come of movement-building in our city.

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