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Are You Listening? By Christopher Miller Jr.

So we asked for the artist to come out and they showed up! After election season the real fun starts with the League. Now that we have gotten people to the polls, we are working on getting people to the stage! Here is a piece written by Christopher Miller Jr. about what he sees when he looks out the window.  Submit your art HERE.

Hit the jump for the spoken word piece:

Don’t Back Down, Keep Up the Fight! Attorney General Eric Holder Visits Texas

By Christina Sanders (Texas State Director). Originally published on 99Problems.

This year has been a very emotional year for young people, people of color and the poor in Texas. Even though I was not alive during the era of Jim Crow laws that sought to segregate and suppress the electoral impact of African Americans, somehow I feel like I am in the midst of a Jim Crow fight today. The 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature proved brutal to the confidence that many voting rights groups and advocates have in our state lawmakers. During that session, state house and senate representatives voted to approve a Voter ID bill that offered so many restrictions that one might assume Mr. Jimmy Crow wrote it himself.

This photo ID law was deemed “emergency” legislation by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Someone please call 911 because that emergency  Voter ID bill could flip the script on Texas voters by no longer allowing voters to use a voter registration card to cast a ballot - leaving more than a half million registered voters shot and voiceless. Read more…


It is time to unleash the Columbus art scene on the world!

I may have never discovered the world of organizing had I not discovered the Columbus urban performing arts scene. What I discovered was passionately poetic people in an environment that was both thought-provoking and fulfilling. Finding a platform to express myself artistically is the #1 reason that I decided to start this program!

Now, I would like to help introduce you to the world. We have already received some of Columbus’ finest spoken words and hip-hop artists and we are still accepting more!

If you’ve got talent and want to get it promoted, e-mail me your submissions.

We are looking for the real. How do you see the world? What is really going on? What is really good?

The Ohio League of Young Voters Education Fund is screaming #LetsMakeOurStory and we are preparing to turn to #Chapter2012.

Together, we write Our story. Divided, we are history!