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Thanks for Pledging to Vote in Ohio!

By honoring your pledge, you will be exercising your right to contribute to the decision-making process and influence the outcome. We would like to be a resource so that you can be an informed voter.

The Voter Registration Deadline is October 11th. If you are not registered to vote at your current address, we are here to help - just respond to this e-mail and we’ll let you know where you can get registered.

We want to go even deeper than just registering to vote. We will use our presence at the polls to create leverage that we can use to access economic resources.People power = economic resources.By reaching people, we can build a power base among young people, and have the voice to influence decisions that may otherwise be made for us. But it all starts with you!

Come join me as we reach out and continue to grow our mission. We are connecting young people who are not satisfied with the direction of government, and are ready to own our obligation to shape our own future.

Ready to get involved? Just e-mail me to volunteer and get young people registered before the deadline.

Our neighborhoods will be ignored if we don’t hold our leaders accountable. But first, we have to hold each other accountable. Before we can do that, we must hold ourselves accountable to show up and make our voice heard.

Follow us on Twitter for updates on politics and social justice in Ohio.

P.S. Absentee voting starts today and ends November 5th.

Need to get registered to vote? Click on our Rock the Vote registration widget on our page!

Should “Minor” Incidents be reported to Authorities?

Adjusting to new living arrangements can be difficult, but can be even harsher for college students. Living with people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, perspectives, lifestyles, and personalities can be a challenge for many.

Most dorm arrangements are same sex and are based on grade or age similarities. This is to reduce the amount of anxiety and extra issues that can take place in a new living arrangement. However, we all know that this is not a complete resolution for all disagreements and disputes.

In fact, three weeks into the new dorm arrangements Bowie State University students  and roommates 19 year-old Alexis Simpson and 18 year-old Dominique Frazier seem  had trouble adjusting to one another. Small disputes over music being played in the dorm between Alexis and Dominique were reported to Campus Officials, but the notification process stopped there. A dispute over someone playing music can be considered minor, common, and not much to worry about. That is until a minor disagreement becomes threatening and in some cases deadly.

In the case of Miss Simpson and Miss Frazier the same common music disagreement became deadly. During an argument between the two roommates, Alexis Simpson reportedly stabbed Dominique Frazier in the neck with a pair of scissors. As Frazier bled out, Simpson left in panic. Frazier was pronounced dead and Simpson turned herself in to Georgia authorities. The 19 year-old is now awaiting trial for First Degree Murder as the Family of 18 year-old Dominique Frazier grieves the unexpected death. It is obvious that none of the previous disputes between the roommates were taken seriously enough to notify authorities.          

Two young lives have been put to waste due to a minor incident not being taken seriously enough. This all too common in our communities and leaves a lingering question: Should authorities be notified about every ”minor” dispute that takes place in hopes of preventing incidents similar to Bowie State University?

SIGN OUR PETITION: Stand Up with Texas Young Voters

CLICK HERE TO SIGN our petition to the Department of Justice. Tell the DOJ to stand up for young voters by rejecting SB-14, the Voter ID bill!

Christina chats Voter ID with Nnete from 97.9

Nnete from 97.9 the Box

State Director Christina Sanders chats with Nnete from 97.9 the Box on  “Conversations with Nnete” about the current Texas Voter ID Law and how it will affect students and young people.