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Help Us Bring Hip-Hop & Politics to SXSW

Record unemployment with no end in sight has made the optimistic slogans of “hope” and “change” grow stale. If young people aren’t inspired to try again in, the drop-off in the youth vote share could set progressive young America back 10 years.

That’s why the League collaborated with some of the country’s smartest artists and activists - including Heather Smith, E.D. of Rock the Vote; Chuck Creekmur, CEO of AllHipHop; and Jasiri X, Hip-Hop Activist and Artist - to bring our panel, Hip-Hop & Politics in: Win The Future or WTF, to the South by Southwest Music Festival.

Help us bring Hip-Hop & Politics to SXSW! Vote for us here.

Hip-Hop & Politics @ SXSW

Tune In: Live Broadcast: How we can Stop the Violence and #PutTheGunsDown

A Conversation About Gun Violence
Michael Skolnik and Jamira Burley Will Host a Live Discussion Online

It was only two months ago when M-Bone, of Cali Swag District fame, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in California. It doesn’t always take a headline or a famous name to recognize that gun violence is a problem plaguing our communities across the country. We are losing our young people to senseless violence every day, from Milwaukee to Philly to New York City. This conversation will be a chance for us discuss why gun violence persists in our communities and what we can do to promote peace in the streets.

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