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Drug Testing of Welfare Applicants?

Texas State Director Christina Sanders recently appeared on Fox 26 Houston’s “Fox In Focus” segment to weigh in on proposed legislation that would require welfare applicants to undergo drug testing before becoming eligible to receive benefits.

Drug Testing Welfare Applicants: MyFoxHOUSTON

BP Still Owes Gulf Coast Victims

Make BP pay feature imageOne year after the BP oil spill began, the families of the 11 men lost in the Deepwater Horizon explosion have no closure, livelihoods have been destroyed and the pollution from the massive oil spill into the Gulf continues to be found in our food and waterways.

BP promised $20 billion to victims who have yet to see much more than procrastination and denial of payment. BP is a massive corporation who just reported record profits in and they’re digging in their heels to deny the women and men of the Gulf their fair reparations.

BP wants us all to go away. Tell them that first, they have to pay!

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