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Texas League Advocates for Fairness

On Wednesday, April 6,, the Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund and members from over 40 organizations and concerned individuals from all over the State gathered at the Texas State Capitol for a March, Rally and Lobby Day.
Osadeba Omokaro, Texas League’s Prairie View organizer and student at Prairie View A&M University, told the crowd about devastating cuts to education and the importance of young voters to contact their elected officials and make their voices heard.

United under the “Save our State” mobilization and the Texas Forward Coalition, the organizations are called for the Texas Legislature to show real leadership by adopting a balanced approach to the state budget. A balanced approach means canceling plans for devastating budget cuts in education; unfair pieces of Voter ID and targeted immigration legislation and fair redistricting for fair representation.


Want to Change Columbus? Show up this Weekend.

Texas League Hosts Fair Immigration Organizing Training During Spring Break

The Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund partnered with FIEL Houston and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund to host an organizing training entitled, “Don’t Let Texas Be The Next Arizona”.  The purpose of the training was to provide an educational platform for young people to understand what’s at stake regarding immigration reform in Texas, and how they can effectively organize and make their voices heard during the state’s legislative session.

The Wisconsin League Reports back from Madison

The Wisconsin League, known locally as the Campaign Against Violence, took to the streets of Madison on Saturday, March 12th to check the pulse of the protest and ask some real questions about black and brown participation in the labor strikes so far. Check out their popular video: