Pittsburgh League joins rally to save public transit

Khari Mosely speaks at rally to protect public transitKhari Mosely, the League's Pennsylvania State Director, speaks at the Port Authority rally.


Members of the Pittsburgh League joined a rally in mid-January to protect public transit from major cuts. "The elected officials are making sure the Pittsburgh Penguins stay in the city," said DeShauna Ponton. "I can't afford to go to a Penguins game. I'd rather they worry about whether people can go to work."


Read the whole story at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Don't you think college costs too much?

Next fall, the Portland League is working with Opportunity Maine to pass a ballot initiative that would allow the state government to give a huge tax credit to any student with school loans who stays in Maine to work after they graduate. That means no crazy students loans to payback after college. Talk about progressive power.

What can you do? First, let us know that you're down with this. Then check out Opportunity Maine and add them as a friend on MySpace and Facebook.

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Milwaukee League's "Campaign Against Violence" pushes the vote, TV news takes note

"We have to stand up and represent our issues and our interests," says Bobby Drake of the Campaign Against Violence. Watch the coverage from Milwaukee's Fox 6 above.

Mixtape out the vote!
mixtape album cover

Check out this sample from the beginning of the Election-Edition Mixtape from the Milwaukee League (a.k.a. "Campaign Against Violence").

Cincinnati League pressures City Council to invest in youth programs with letters, phone calls, and radio spots

When Cincinnati City Council voted to spend $20 million on a temporary jail and 100 new police officers the city didn't even ask for, the Nati League/Campaign 4 Youth organized thousands of letters and phone calls demanding relevant youth programs. Listen to the League's hot radio spot!
Milwaukee League pushes for change in new radio spot
Peace and Love.

The Campaign Against Violence, the Milwaukee chapter of the League, registered more than 2,000 young voters with their nontraditional strategy and is pushing for change in the streets this November. Listen to their radio ad.
Nonpartisan Voter Guides

Your vote is powerful! But sometimes voting can be confusing, right? Get the info you need at nonpartisan.theballot.org. Find a nonpartisan voter guide for your area, or create and share your own guide. It's easy.

Check out nonpartisan.theballot.org

Minnesota League hits front page for protesting shock-jock racism
KQRS T-Shirt

When talk-jock Tom Barnard of the "KQ Morning Show" broadcast racist comments against the hip hop and Hmong communities, the Minnesota League showed up to call him out. "We can't let people get away with things like this," said MN League member Sam Buffington. "They are equating killings to hip hop and hip hop to black people and their insensitivity takes away from the tragedy of events when young people are being killed."

Read the full front-page story from the Hmong Times.
National Network for Election Reform

They've been trying to pull this voter suppression crap on us for decades. This time it's the Hyde Bill (HR 4844), which blocks seniors, minority voters, poor voters, students and young voters, and voters with disabilities from the polls. Read the letter to Congress we signed with the National Network for Election Reform.

You've done your time. Vote. It's your right.

When the Pittsburgh Port Authority refused to place ads in city buses informing former felons of their voting rights, they told us it wasn't illegal censorship. Now the Pittsburgh League is getting mad media hype for teaming with the ACLU to set the record straight.

The League of Young Voters will register young voters in four states, including two with election day registration, where the League will hold “parties at the polls” to register youth on Election Day.

Senator Edwards and Khari Mosley
Senator John Edwards and Pennsylvania League State Director Khari Mosley.

Wal-Mart is still busy screwing over its employees and the nation’s taxpayers. And last week, the Pittsburgh League turned out more than 400 people to issue Wal-Mart a loud wake-up call!

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